Naturally Supernatural


I’m thinking that my next book may be “How to live supernaturally without being weird.”

It’s funny, but kinda not. Because it’s possible to be supernaturally conscious 24/7 and live a normal life without physical reactions like twitching, laughing, dying hair weird colors, and falling over all the time.

While the prophetic can be somewhat mystical, it’s possible to live the lifestyle without being overly mystical – because many are over mystifying the prophetic to make it appear more “spiritual”. Yes, it’s mystical in a sense, but we were created to live supernaturally – so, in a way, it should come “naturally.”

Just last night my daughter recognized just how prophetic I am, but to many, I probably appear to be the least prophetic person because I don’t look the part, nor do I speak and teach as many prophetics do.

So, I’m on a mission to learn how to use words to teach EVERYONE how to live supernaturally. It’s not just for some. It’s for all. We are all designed that way. We can have normal lives with friendships (inside and outside the church) and non-Christian careers while still living a supernatural lifestyle. I know because I do.

We are NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL. Believe me, you are too.

Let’s chat some more on video. Here’s a link where I elaborate a bit:

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