Activate Peace

The need and longing for peace is something that every human being has in common.

As beings created in God’s image, His peace is part of our design.

When peace is lacking, our skin crawls, we feel anxious, it gets noisy, and things get confusing.

Can you relate? Because I know I can.

Even during crazy times and chaotic situations, it’s possible to have peace. It is something that is within us all. The pursuit is not finding peace, but discovering how to activate that aspect of our design.

The Truth is an excellent way to activate peace within you. God gave us Jesus as Truth to show us the way. In Him is peace. The kind that makes no sense to the human mind.

In the end, it is not peace that we need to find. It is Jesus. Once we find Jesus, we will learn how to activate the peace that lies within.

You are designed to live in peace. Don’t settle for anything less.

#peace #peaceofmind #peaceful #truth

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