About Me

Andrea John

Hi!  I’m Andrea John, a wife to a charming country boy; mother to two lovely young daughters; a fitness freak/runner; and devotional blogger – “Journey to God”.  My life was transformed one morning – on my kitchen floor – while cooking breakfast – listening to music.  While so much around me was broken and unlovely, I encountered the One who is love – and thus began the first day of healing and restoration – the first day of the rest of my life – the best of my life.  In it all, a course was set – a course that would drive me to seek and to share God’s true character and the transformational power of his Love.  

I’m a project manager; a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and running coach; and a pastor.  I lead a ministry based in Jacksonville, FL called Jesus House Equipping Center and have a passion to empower the members in the Body of Christ to fulfill their purpose as they expand the Kingdom of God on Earth.

I have been on a journey since God changed my life four years ago and I want to invite you to join me.  This journey is the Journey to God.

What People are Saying

Andrea is a great mentor for people who desire to grow spiritually.

Seun Odeyinde

Andrea helps reveal how the Father’s Love has been intricately weaved throughout each one of our lives, even when we don’t notice.

Boyd & Aimee Hicks

In a world where there are so many worldly things to be envied, Andrea beckons us to envy something so much deeper.

Veronica O’Brien

Allow Andrea’s revelation of God’s love to help you on your journey of self-discovery, discipleship, healing, and victory in Christ.

Caryn Quinteros

Andrea John takes you on a journey, not only through her past, but also your own.  She invites you to look and see where the red thread of God’s love has been in every season that life has thrown at you, good or bad.

David Salazar

It can be excruciatingly difficult and painful to dig through and tear down these impediments which can hide the path to our own Love Story.  Andrea gladly invites you along as she reveals her process of discovery, revelation, healing and finally, relationship.  Her reward, our reward; being a deeper, more passionate and more loving relationship with God.

Tami Campbell