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Welcome. I’m Andrea John. One morning, Love met me in my kitchen and changed my entire world. I’ve been on a journey to learn who Love is and how I can live in love ever since. Abundance, peace, joy, and love have become constants in my life and I want to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can live your life filled with peace, joy, and love.

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From Andrea’s Journey Journal

Managing High Stress Days

Managing stress is a part of living a healthy lifestyle. There’s good stress and bad, but our bodies don’t really know the difference. Yesterday and today are high stress days for me. While I got…

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Let go of Control

I had major π‚πŽππ“π‘πŽπ‹ πˆπ’π’π”π„π’. Not just of controlling, but also of being controlled. I realize a lot of things now that I didn’t realize before. You may relate. The reason I tried to control…

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Shame No More

Originally written on March 10, 2020, before the pandemic lockdowns began and my family’s safety was violated by intruders. I end this post with 2020 – the year of VICTORY. While most don’t feel that…

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Hi, I’m Andrea. I’m a daughter of God; wife to an incredible man; mom to 2 beautiful and intelligent girls. My passion is to share the lessons I’ve learned on my journey that have led me to experience joy that leaves me speechless, peace that makes no sense to the human mind, and love that gets rid of an ugly monster called fear. Read more

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