Why Celebrate Christmas

Christmas has always been one of my least favorite holidays. I can go on about why but I’d rather focus on why I no longer feel that way. Not because I have an amazing family that I get to spend time with, but because in our lives the focus on Christmas has been restored. Do we still spend time with family? Yes. Do we still give gifts to our kids? Yes. Do we enjoy Christmas decorations? Yes. Do we have fun with Christmas songs? Yes.

BUT, this all takes a back seat to the true reason of the season. You see, this holiday may have started off as a pagan holiday but the world actually takes a day to celebrate the birth of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. So, although I celebrate and enjoy Jesus every day, just as we celebrate our own birthdays, I will take a day set by man all around the world to celebrate my Savior! His birth was the demonstration and manifestation of God’s love for all people…now, that’s a reason to celebrate.

I know it’s not really this time of year He was born but if man decided to take a day to celebrate it, that’s something I can get behind. Jesus, I celebrate your birthday; today, tomorrow, and every day because it’s your birth that demonstrated to the world who our Father is… He is LOVE!

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