The Morning God Changed My Life

My commute to work was very short.  I only had to walk a few feet to get to my office.  By this point I’d been living in Florida for almost 4 months and my office was in the florida room.  My office was surrounded with windows that looked out into my awesome yard. 

Every morning I’d wake up, make some coffee, and head to my office to start work.  I’d catch up on emails and get prepared for my day over a cup of coffee.  Eventually, I would head to the kitchen to make my breakfast.  This one day was no different.

While that routine remained exactly the same, there was something I did that was different.  For safety reasons I had shut down my Facebook when I moved down to Florida.  This particular morning I had reactivated my Facebook and was browsing through the newsfeed while I sipped on coffee.  My dad had posted a video of my sister-in-law leading a worship song at her church, so I increased the volume, set it to play, and headed to the kitchen to make my breakfast.

I turned the burner on and set the pan to preheat while I prepared my food.  I was going to make my favorite breakfast, which is eggs, bell peppers, onions, and zucchini over Ezekiel toast.  The song that was playing was At the Cross by Chris Tomlin.  It didn’t start off with my sister-in-law singing. This guy from their worship team started off the song. I was familiar with the song and was singing along as I prepared my breakfast.

As soon as my sister-in-law began singing, I was suddenly overcome and dropped to my knees.  God embraced me.  I could feel Him.  I could feel His hug and it was like being embraced by love.  Then suddenly I was hearing prayers.  I could hear people praying for me.  I knew my mom had a few close people from her church that she was keeping in the loop so they could be praying.  Obviously, the thought is lovely, but to actually hear the sound of them praying was overwhelming.  Their prayers were having such impact in the heavens and God was listening to every single one of them.  He was moving for me out of His love for me and out of every prayer being made on my behalf.

There I was, in my kitchen, in front of my stove, on my knees, tears rolling down my face, with my sister-in-law singing, and God smothering me with His love.  The love I felt was so deep and so real.  I’d had spiritual experiences when I was younger, but what I experienced on this day was different.  It was God Himself.  I was embraced by Love Himself and it forever changed me.

That happened 3.5 years ago and I’ve never been the same again.  I can’t pinpoint exactly what changed, but something changed that day.  I changed.  My heart changed. 

His love brought me back to life.  His touch revived my entire being. 

Since then, I’ve been on a journey of getting to know this amazing God that chose to emanate into my kitchen and demonstrate His love for me in a way that I couldn’t deny who He is; Father.

He is my Father and He is a good Father. He’s better than we think.

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