The Journey

Your Journey Awaits

You’re invited to join me on a journey that will lead you into exploring, discovering, and experiencing God, the one who is Love.

On this journey, I will guide you through a path where I’ve discovered amazing treasures that have profoundly changed my life while guiding you into making your own discoveries.

Along the way, I’ll share secrets that I’ve discovered on my journey that has brought the Bible to life allowing me to know God more intimately, discover the beauty of who He is, and find treasures that have empowered me to experience God in deep ways that have transformed my life.

Join me on this journey and you will see God, yourself, and His creation in a way you have never noticed before.


Every aspect of God deserves significant thought and admiration.


There is life-changing treasure within Scripture. Exploring helps us find it.


Enjoy abundance, joy, peace, and love – Live the Jesus-promised life.

This book is a wild and wonderful journey into the very heart of God. The wisdom that Andrea shares in this book is so relatable, practical, and transformational. It paves the way to a deeper, intimate relationship with God and will bring you to an encounter with Love, Himself. Get ready for an adventure of awe and wonder.

Meliza Farndell, author of Untangled

It’s one of those books you put down and then think about randomly through out your day, anticipating when you will be able to dive back into it!! Profound, thought-provoking; truth is what this book is! I HIGHLY recommend it. You won’t be the same after reading it.

Heather Thompson


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