Andrea’s Journey Journal

Let go of Control

I had major π‚πŽππ“π‘πŽπ‹ πˆπ’π’π”π„π’. Not just of controlling, but also of being controlled. I realize a lot of things now that I didn’t realize before. You may relate. The reason I tried to control situations, people, and things was to protect myself; to make sure I eliminated the possibility of being hurt or taken […]

Shame No More

Originally written on March 10, 2020, before the pandemic lockdowns began and my family’s safety was violated by intruders. I end this post with 2020 – the year of VICTORY. While most don’t feel that way about the year 2020, looking back, it sure was a year of victory. We (my family and I) overcame […]


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The Journey



Who is God? A question I asked at the age of 35. I realized that being raised in the church, listening to countless sermons, and memorizing scriptures didn’t lead me to a place where I can say I, personally, know God. I knew of Him and I knew about Him, but not Him.

I set out on a journey to personally meet and know God. Will you join the journey?

Here, I am able to be your tour guide. Not only will I share with you my journey, but invite you to go on a journey of your own. It’s always better together.

Rochester, NY


Throughout the journey I have made discoveries that have changed my life. The treasures I have found along the way have allowed me to live the life that Jesus promised; a life of abundance with hope, peace that surpasses understanding, unspeakable joy, and fearless love.

Here, I will share with you those treasures. As your tour guide on this journey, my hope is that it prompts you to go digging for yourself and find treasures that draw you closer to God leading you to a transformed life. Just as I share my discoveries with you, I’d love to hear about yours. Share them with me by using the contact page on this website.

Niagara Falls


Treasure is to be enjoyed and experienced. Along the journey, we experience the excitement of discoveries, but then, once the treasure is found, we must do something with it.

God wants us to experience Him. When we discover aspects of Him, He wants us to enjoy them – to experience them. The experience makes it real.

Here, I will not only share my experiences, but will be your tour guide into the best ways to experience the treasures for yourself.

Will you join me?

Not all those who wander are lost.


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