Journey Journals

Life is a journey with high and low moments. The entries on this site are my personal journals.

Why are there multiple journals?

The simple answer is – YOU!

Health and wholeness are inclusive of every area of life – including body, soul, and spirit. But, I do recognize that while you may be interested in one area of my journey, the other may not seem so appealing.

To maximize the benefits you receive while visiting, I will do my best to journal each journey separately. I hope this makes it easier for you to get what you need.

My hope is that my journals help you improve your quality of life,

allowing you to look forward to the destination, and thoroughly enjoy your journey.

Healing Journey

In this journal, I vulnerably share questions, moments, and life lessons that have led me to emotional and spiritual healing.

Marathon Journey

I’m currently training to run marathon #11 and am sharing my journey here. You’ll be able to find inspirational stories, health and nutrition tips, and learnings that may help you on your journey.

The Journey



I love to learn – explore. This website is where we meet on our journey. Questions are asked here – easy and hard ones. Together we will research and discuss questions and doubts. We won’t shy away from anything.

My journals are a place where I share those questions and explore concepts. I won’t always have the correct answer or an answer at all, but I will explore them authentically and vulnerably.

Rochester, NY


Throughout the journey, I have made discoveries that have changed my life. The treasures I have found along the way have allowed me to improve my quality of life.

Here, I will share with you those treasures. As your tour guide on this journey, my hope is that it prompts you to go digging for yourself and find treasures that will improve your quality of life. Just as I share my discoveries with you, I’d love to hear about yours. Share them with me by using the contact page on this website.

Niagara Falls


Treasure is to be enjoyed and experienced. Along the journey, we experience the excitement of discoveries, but then, once the treasure is found, we must do something with it.

Here, I will not only share my experiences but will be your tour guide on the best ways to experience the treasures for yourself.

Will you join me?

Not all those who wander are lost.


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