Love heals anxiety

Anxiety and depression is rooted in fear.

No matter how justified, fear is the root cause.

I know this to be true not only because science has proven this, but because I lived with it most my life.

The cure?

Love ❤️

I know this to be true not only because science says so – yes, science has proven that love is the cure – but because Love delievered me from fear and healed me. May I also mention that the Scriptures also reveal that Love gets rid of all fear.

So, why is it that you know God loves you, but you may still be dealing with anxiety? I had that questions for soooo long.

Ultimately, it comes down to lies we believe. We may not realize we believe them. Our logical (conscious) minds know that God loves us because the Bible tells us so, but whether we truly believe it is a whole other story.

Our soul, inner man, our subconscious (whatever you want to call it), will lead the way whether we realize it or not. Our heart is the spring head of life; everything flows from it. So, if your heart doesn’t truly believe, it will take precedence over your mind. It will guide you.

When we do things we don’t want to do and don’t do things we want to do, it’s because our inner man is leading us. What we really believe comes from there and leads the way – whether we like it or not.

If you’re experiencing anxiety, there’s a lie or lies you are believing; about God, yourself, or others. Take the time to close the gap between what you say you believe and what you really believe.

Get rid of anxiety (fear):

  1. Identify the lie
  2. Replace the lie with Truth
  3. Believe the truth

If you want healing, this is it!

This may take time. You can’t make yourself believe. If you do, it’s not a belief; it’s an affirmation.

And one last thing. There’s not one person who doesn’t have a gap to close between what we say we believe and what we actually believe. There’s no shame on this.

Pray with me:

Father, fear has gripped me long enough. I desire to be free from this fear that has crippled me and caused me to live in anxiety. I desire to know the lie I have believed about you, myself, and others. May Holy Spirit reveal it to me and may Your words equip and empower me with the truth to cast it out. May your love for me empower me to believe Your words; You are love and Your love is an empowering presence in my life. In Jesus’ beautiful name. Amen.

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