Living in War or Peace

A few years ago I realized something about myself that I have made an effort to change and it has had a direct impact on my quality of life.

Christians and non-Christians always ask me “how do you stay so positive with all that going on?”

Are you ready for me to share my secret with you? It’s the change I mentioned. It’s very simple, but not necessarily easy. It’ll take time and practice.

I guess I’ll start by asking a question.

What do you talk about more? God or the devil? Demons or angels? Rest or war? Favor or attacks?

There was a time I was more versed in demonology than theology (who God is). I talked more about my hatred of the devil than my love for God. My focus was on how I defeated the devil than how I was pleasing God. I would complain about how I was being attacked instead of standing in the victory of Christ.

I’m not sure what changed or how I came to the realization that I needed to transform my mind into the mind of Christ and to see things through the heart of God, but I’m glad I did because it changed my life.

My focus was set on the enemy/devil/demons and not on God/Love and now my focus is on HIM! 👑

Do you know what happens when you see life as a war or series of battles? You live a life of fighting. Everything is a struggle you need to fight. You’re always exhausted, hate this life, and can’t wait for the day you die to go to heaven.

But God!!! He sent Jesus for a reason. Jesus defeated the enemy, and through Him we did as well. Do you believe that?

Why do we fight battles that are already won?

The enemy wants you to think he has a chance. And when you fight battles that are already won, you’ll find overwhelm, exhaustion, and frustration.

You don’t sit on your couch doing nothing. That’s not what I’m saying. But we should be living a life of rest and victory. Jesus promised us a life of perfect love, hope, unspeakable joy, and peace that makes no sense to the human mind. We cannot live the Jesus-promised life if our eyes are always focused on what the enemy is doing. Trust me, he will make himself look bigger and scarier than he really is – kinda like the wizard from the Wizard of Oz.

Jesus is greater!

Instead of seeing the war, battle, or evil, I look for the hope, peace, love, and joy in every situation.

Again, simple, but not easy. It takes patience and practice to shift our mindset.

Take note of what you talk about more. Demons or angels. Satan or God. Evil or good. War or rest.

Are you tired of fighting all the time? Are you tired of the attacks of the enemy?

Maybe, just maybe, you don’t have to live that way. Maybe you can live like Christ – a life of victory.

Jesus endured because He set His eyes on the joy set before Him and Paul tells us that to endure, we should do the same?

Are you looking at the joy or the struggle?

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