Overcoming Endless Battles

Are you tired of fighting?

Do the battles seem endless?

When will you catch a break?

When we focus on seeking refuge and rest in the Father (God) by running towards Him in times of trouble, we find that fighting the “enemy” isn’t necessary.

When fighting the enemy is always on your mind, I encourage you to set your mind on your Rescuer. I have found that most of the time the victory is in my union with Christ and not in a battle against the devil. I have also found that many times the battle isn’t against the devil, but against myself (my thoughts). Running towards Christ and being in relationship with Him has been the only way to renew the mind.

Are your thoughts and heart more focused on what God is doing or what the devil is doing?

If you’ve overcome an obstacle, like addiction, what immediately comes to mind? Thank you God! Praise God! or Take that devil?

While hating the devil is understandable, loving God should be your driving force – not your hate for the devil. You’ll find victory in love, not hate.

In 2016 and 2017, I was furious with the devil. I would go out healing people and casting out demons because I wanted the devil to lose – and because we are commanded to. It’s hard to say what was the turning point, but being rejected by people when they clearly needed prayer was one. What was missing was love. People didn’t want prayer from me because I wasn’t approaching them out of love for them. I was approaching them because I had the power to heal them (in the name of Jesus). They were objects to demonstrate the faith I had. Sure I knew God wanted to love on those people, but that wasn’t my focus.

Now, I don’t just go out to demonstrate what I can do in Christ. I live to demonstrate who I am in Christ. I love on people because I understand the love God has for them…and because I understand the love He has for me. I have found that living this way heals people and causes demons to flee – whether I intentionally pray for them or not. Why? Because it’s not by power or might, but by His Spirit that lives are transformed. Love is the vehicle through which the Spirit moves. 1 Corinthians 12-13.

I believe in all the gifts, like speaking in tongues, healing, signs & wonders, etc. I believe the supernatural realm and that sometimes God moves in ways that seem weird naturally. I believe that God speaks today – and I personally have conversations with God.

I also believe in living a life that demonstrates the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22). I believe in living a moral life. I believe in living a responsible life that stewards all things given by God.

I don’t believe God “uses” people. I believe God partners with people. I don’t believe God’s desire is for you to turn into his servant, and He your master. His desire is that you be born again, into His family, and become of child of God – where you receive the same inheritance as Christ.

God doesn’t need puppets. God doesn’t need anyone to fight the devil. God desires His children to be seated with Christ in Heavenly Places … where victory has already been won.

Does life feel like a battle sometimes? Heck yeah it does! I’ve had to endure some difficult situations in my life. But, my victory was not against the devil. My victory was in God. I don’t know…maybe this makes no sense to you, but it does to me. There’s a difference.

This difference changes the way you live your life. The approach and mindset you take will be different depending on how you see it. Are you fighting the devil or are you resting in God? Can’t it be both? Well sure. I’m an “it’s an and, not or” type of person. But the objective/goal is what will guide you here.

Are you headed towards God seeking for Him to be your refuge, safe place, and rest because in Christ it is finished or are you going to head towards the devil to take him on? This one question will determine the level of stress, anxiety, and depression you will experience throughout life.

Maybe I’m making no sense, but I wanted to share this “mindset/belief” because it’s changed my life and allowed me to experience peace that surpasses understanding and unspeakable joy. If you do understand what I’m saying, I encourage you to begin taking the steps to change your approach to “life”. Don’t fight for your victory. Rest in the victory Christ has already given you. From that place of rest, God will give you the wisdom on how to win the natural battle you are going through. But if you insist on fighting the devil, you’ll continue experiencing the stress and anxiety of wrestling with a bully – who has already lost, but wants you to think that he’s still in it to win.

Let God be your focus. Victory is in Him.

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