Betrayal of Addiction

I saw the graphic below from @reclaimedministry on Instagram and as someone who experienced the betrayal of affairs and addiction within marriage, it got me thinking…

Addiction destroys marriages as much as affairs. The person chooses another over the spouse. They are both betrayals, except one is with a person and the other a thing.

So many overlook the destruction that addiction causes in a relationship. It doesn’t just harm the person using. It harms the spouse and kids as well. When someone is in a relationship with an addict, it feels like a slow agonizing death.

The psychological effects of being in a relationship with an addict is severe. You lose yourself over time. You become a prisoner in your own home – your own life.

Both affairs and addiction are betrayals. The person has chosen another over the spouse (and kids). They both destroy families.

Neither is okay. God is not pleased with affairs or addiction within marriage. God doesn’t ask you tolerate that behavior for the sake of the adulterer or addict. You deserve freedom, happiness, and love.

If this is something you’ve experienced and find yourself in a position where you recognize the effects of trauma, please know there is healing. You no longer are a victim or prisoner of that person. You are free. Yes, the damage has been done. Our ability to fully love and trust has been compromised. But it can be restored.

This reminded me of a video I created to demonstrate how I have healed and continue to heal from past experiences.

I hope you find it helpful.

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