You were formed by Love

The first trail, called The Agape Trail, in The Journey to Love is all about the nature of God (who God is). God’s nature is foundational when it comes to our relationship with God, as well as living our Divine purpose,

Last time I shared a portion of the first mile where we discuss the core of the nature of God – God is love. In the second mile, we will explore who God is as Creator with a focus on the creation of humanity. The reason I hone in on the creation of man and woman is because understanding God’s incredible design of human will further the concept that we are made in God’s image – all of us. Even if you don’t feel like it.

So without further delay, here is a brief excerpt from the mile, God is Creator.

…”The majesty of a mountain, the power of a waterfall, and the beauty of a sunrise do not compare to the creation of a human being. All the things created by Love are incredible works of art, but the genius of creation is humankind. We are made in the image and likeness of Love. That cannot be said about any other creature or creation of Love.

Love spoke the world into existence, but only one created thing took more than words to bring into existence man and woman.[1]

With His own hands, He formed man out of the dust from the ground. With His breath, Love breathed life into the nostrils to give life to man. But unlike every other creation, God looked and said, “It is not good.”[2] Love knew it wasn’t good for man to be alone and that He would need a mate.

Again, He didn’t just speak a woman into existence; He personally operated on a man to bring forth the woman. He formed the first human. He created him just as He was. To provide human with a suitable mate for him, in Love’s infinite wisdom, He decided that it would be best to pull out of man the female aspect. Then, out of the man, Love formed the woman with His hands. There is a mystery of what allows a man and woman to become one flesh when they are united in marriage; I believe this is why.

You see, you aren’t just a created spoken into existence. You were formed by Love Himself, and His breath is your breath. What greater love is there than that? The Creator of the universe formed and breathed life into you.”…

The Journey to Love, Mile 2, God is Creator

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