Give – Sign of Maturity


There are times that you will need to be the one to receive. But your giving should always outweigh your taking.

Maturity means love is in operation.

What does this mean?

(Keep in mind that immaturity is not always a bad thing. We are all immature at times)

Immature: “I need this from you.” “Can you do this for me?”

Mature: “How can I help you?” “What can I do to add value to your life?”

Immature: It’s about me
Mature: It’s about you

The whole purpose of the immature state is to develope and grow – to become whole. That’s why children are dependent. They are in the process of growth that should drive them into wholeness leading them into maturity.

We can’t help someone into wholeness when we haven’t learned and matured.

As we grow, in life, faith, work, etc, our questions will start off with a focus on us so that we can learn, but it should morph into providing support for others so they can learn and grow as well.

Matthew 25:14-30 comes to mind. Are you hiding what’s been given to you or investing it?

How can God give you more if you aren’t leveraging what He’s already given you? When we don’t use and work with the things He’s given us, we are telling God that it’s not good enough.

So, friend, what has God given you? Because I can list quite a few things I know of if you have trouble with this. Just message me and I’ll share some things God has given you.

What are you doing with it?

Are you constantly taking from others as if there’s lack? Or are you giving of what you have because in the Kingdom, God gives to us so we can give.


Think of one thing you can give to someone today – then do that.

And if you need something from someone, offer them something in return.

Love is meant to be received AND given.

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