Protect Your Peace

This was an invaluable lesson I learned years back. I have no doubt that there are those that have preconceived notions about me and are judging me (without knowing me) based on something that someone may have said.

It’s pretty well known by those who are close to me that I do not rush to defend myself nor prevent misinformation about me.

Some think it’s foolish, but experience has taught me that if you have to fight for someone to believe you over another, they don’t care for the truth. There have been many times where someone was told information about me, and I never addressed it. If the recipient doesn’t approach me to seek the truth, then I give them their freedom to believe the lie. Those who seek truth, will pursue it. I’m not going to force-feed truth to those who don’t want it.

Now, each situation is a situation and there may be a time where wisdom leads me to address it, but in most cases, this is my approach.

The ultimate reason is to protect my peace.

Remaining true to God and who I am, being consistent in my pursuit of God and reflecting Him well, ultimately speak the truth in itself. It may take a while for the truth to be noticed, but truth always prevails.

Some may be reading this and think “wow, what happened? Did someone say something bad about Andrea.” The answer is no. Actually, thankfully I’ve had no drama in my life related to betrayal lately. When I write my posts, I’m not sending indirect messages to anyone. I simply and authentically share my thoughts and feelings with the hope that it helps someone else. Sometimes I get asked “what happened” and I’m confused so I ask what they are referring to. Usually it’s based on a post I made.

Reading into my posts are unnecessary. I am direct in my writings and I’ve learned how to use words to get across what I’m trying to say. I am constantly working on my mental and emotional health. Not because I’m in a bad place, but to maintain this place of peace, joy, and love I’ve cultivated in my life. Mental health has such a negative stigma. It should be pursued by the happiest of people – and usually is

My stories and experiences are not uncommon, but I have learned how to get to the other side and reach a state of peace, joy, and love in EVERY situation. Including a situation like someone ruining my reputation with lies.

My reputation, your reputation, will be upheld by our character. What matters is what God thinks and that we can stand before God in confidence.

My friend, protect your peace at all costs. God and you alone know your heart. If someone is willing to listen and believe a lie about you, are they really someone you want in your circle anyway?

You deserve better. 💕

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