My Calling – Nature of Humanity

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, social issues, and political turmoil in the US, I prayed. Asking God what He thought about everything and what my role in it was, God – very clearly – gave me my assignment.

That morning I realized what my role in the current reformation is. That’s right! The church is going through a major reformation.

Politics is not my calling, as much as I love it. While some may view my silence on political issues as a sign of complacency, the truth is, it’s a sign of recognition in my calling. I’m staying in my lane.

Social issues. Well, sure. I have my thoughts and opinions. They are reserved for those I’m in relationship with – not social media.

The nature of God and humanity is my calling – specifically learning and teaching others about it. Letting everyone know the heart of God – specifically His heart behind the divine design of humanity and His desire to restore that design – that was already accomplished through Jesus.

So, I’m in the process of learning and becoming, so I can then be a messenger. I will carry the message, not in word only, but in being.

Someone had mentioned Dr. Caroline Leaf to me years ago, but at the time I was on a journey and the pieces she offered didn’t fit in at the time. After reading The Love Code by Dr Alexander Loyd in June, I knew that I needed to keep pursuing more about the scientific aspects of our inner man. My spirit was leaping with excitement at the things God was showing me. Out of nowhere, I remembered Dr. Leaf and within a matter of minutes ordered all her books – out of instinct. I just did it.

I started off reading her latest book, Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess. Ugh! The excitement grew as I learned things I knew in the spirit to be true. In addition, I listen to her podcasts when I go out for my runs and walks. Sometimes my runs go longer than expected just so I can finish one. 😂 it’s that good!

I started reading The Perfect You a couple months ago, but it was a busy season. So, I’m diving back into it because it’s closely aligned with my calling and mission of sharing the heart of God regarding the Divine Design of humanity.

Dr. Leaf’s books are extremely detailed and a bit academic, so I know some of you wouldn’t really enjoy it. But, do yourself a favor and listen to her podcasts. The information you receive will help you with renewing your mind, and bringing you back to the perfect you.

Be blessed,
Andrea 💕

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