Joy of Christmas

Uh oh, having the tree up for 2 months this year may be having an effect on the lights 💡

Nonetheless, my hubby, daughters, and I have been adding gifts under the tree.

I wasn’t much a fan of Christmas. Once the girls came along, it softened me a bit to it. Then after Mike and I became a family, each year I appreciate it more and more. I don’t really know why that is. I suspect that it’s because it’s become a family affair and I get to enjoy the girls’ excitement, screams, and smiles with someone else who loves them.

The tradition of being awakened by the girls on December 25th to watch their joyful expressions with the man I most love in the world is all the gift I need.

Christmas is a day the world dedicated to celebrating the life of Jesus. We celebrate Jesus every day, but this one day a year is a special day where we honor His birth – His life.

The lights, tree, gifts, and traditions are all a part of celebrating the season and day. I unashamedly partake because 1. it’s celebrating Jesus 2. It’s beautiful 3. The joy it brings family makes my heart smile.

I recognize that this season may not be as joyful to everyone. Some are experiencing sadness from the loss of someone they love or a the loss of a life they thought. I’ve been there. I understand. And I’m truly sorry for the pain you’re feeling. While I can’t take that pain away, I can pray for you. So, if this is you, I’d like to offer to pray for you. Send me a private message.

I’d love to see everyone’s Christmas tree pics. Let me see them below 👇🏼… or any decoration in your house you love. 🌲

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