Don’t Prove Them Wrong

This is something I wrote on Nov 16, 2015. I had my fitness business and had gone through a year of learning many truths. Its a lesson I still carry and live by today.


I have a lot of new followers and I want to share something that I’ve learned that has changed my life profoundly.

My life is far from sunshine and rainbows. It’s no where near perfect. My posts are always positive because my mission is to bring life into my followers, not drag anyone down. The world is tough enough as it is and if my page can lighten the load, even in the smallest way, then my mission is accomplished.

A huge lesson I have learned and I now feel passionately about is to throw the “Prove them wrong” mentality out the window. Instead “LIVE YOUR LIFE”. In the end, living your life with purpose and doing what makes you happy will “prove them wrong”, but “proving them wrong” shouldn’t be your driver.

You see, for years I lived my life to prove others wrong and somewhere along the way I stopped doing what I REALLY wanted to do in order to continue my mission of proving others wrong. We change over time and what may have seemed like a good idea at one point, may not be the right thing presently. We must worry about what God thinks of us and what we think of us. We need to live with ourselves every second of the day…not others.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying that you should not take advice from others who love you. I’m not saying you shouldn’t consult and receive counsel on things going on in your life. I am a HUGE advocate of therapy. The book of proverbs in the Bible speaks of the wisdom found in counsel. What I am saying is that we must check ourselves constantly as to what is driving us to do and behave certain ways. Is it because that is what God and you truly want or is it because you are determined to prove someone wrong?

When you seek to live out your purpose in life, you will stop living to “prove them wrong”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this…any experiences you can share?

#provethemwrong #liveyourlife #thejourney

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