Are You a Victim to Your DNA or Upbringing?

Victims to nature and nurture?

You don’t choose your parents or their family history. You don’t choose your dna and genetic makeup.

You don’t choose your parents, where you grow up, where you go to school, and who your parents hang out with.

Who we are is largely influenced by our nature and nurture. Many discussions and arguments have occurred about which is more influential in a person’s life. Both make great points. My opinion is that nurture has a more powerful influence in who we become, than nature. But, nature is what predisposes us to a number of traits and tendencies. So, they both play a very important part in the formation of who we become and are.

This post, however, is not about the role they play. I want to address the white elephant in the room.

The psychological effect that the ideas of nature and nurture have. When we only attribute who we are to our biological and physiological makeup, and our upbringing, we become victims to those things.

When a concept or belief leaves me feeling hopeless or victimized, I have an immediate knee-jerk reaction to question it.

Why? Because I lived as a victim for many years. Love set me free and exposed me to His freedom causing me to despise the idea of captivity – of any kind. In Christ we are empowered and set free from the world’s pressures and bondage.

The idea that who I am is tied to my DNA and my upbringing gave me a sense hopelessness and disempowerment. So, it was time I questioned it because so many live victim to these ideas whrn Christ has come to set us free!

There is one thing that is stronger than nature and nurture. You heard/read right. There is one thing that is stronger than your DNA and upbringing.

Your Choice. Your power to choose will always override any part of your DNA and things engrained in you through upbringing.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful.

Your thoughts is something you have control over. You can stop thinking about something just as quickly as you start thinking about it. You can accelerate your thoughts on something or destroy them completely.

It’s not easy, but I’ll share with you what’s made it possible for me.

Jesus Christ!

The life of Jesus in us, empowers us to overcome sin and the pressures of this world. Our thoughts aren’t always easy to control, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With Jesus, it’s possible.

So, next time something happens where you think, “it’s just who I am or what do you expect with how I was raised?” – stop, pray, accept the power of Jesus in your life, recognize you are a powerful person, and make the wisest choice despite your DNA and upbringing.

You aren’t a victim. You are a VICTOR! Who you are isn’t defined by your DNA and upbringing. Who you are is who God says you are. He designed you! He knows exactly how He designed you. You’re DNA and nurture may play a role into that, but it doesn’t limit who you were created to be.

You are FREE!!!

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