FridayFinanceTip: Give 100%

100% of what you earn belongs to God – not just 10%. This should be the truth for every Christian. In the New Covenant, the Jesus Covenant, we surrender it all.

So, everything you spend your money on, can and should glorify God. This includes vacations, date nights, eating out, entertainment, etc. God doesn’t want you to live a boring life void of fun. He wants you to enjoy life. Live it abundantly, with peace, joy, and love.

When we look at money in this way, it changes the way we invest it. If we look at it as an investment, it has a psychological impact on how we use our money.

Matthew 6:21, says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Our investment (spending) habits tell a story about where our heart is. Are your spending habits telling a good story?

Just in case your answer is “I don’t know or no,” I’d like to share some tips I’ve learned over the last few years that have helped me tremendously.

  1. Your basic needs come first. Food, water, shelter. If you have other things, like cell phone, wifi, pets, makeup, nails, alcohol, drugs, etc, but struggle to pay for food, water, and shelter, you need to take a step back and cut some things. First comes food, water, shelter. Until you can cover those, don’t make any commitments or purchases.
  2. If you’ve made a commitment – rent, mortgage, cell phone, wifi, car loan, any loan, etc. – After your basic needs, this should be covered next. If you find yourself purchasing alcohol, clothes, getting nails done, dying your hair, going to the movies, or eating out, but can’t make payments on what you’ve committed to, you need to cut things out. After basic needs, come your commitments. Are your commitments priorities?
  3. Once you’ve met your needs and commitments, then prioritize your spending and investments. Savings is a must.
  4. Investments are not (only) referring to stocks. As an example, if you pay for your child’s sports activity, that’s considered an investment. You’re investing in your child. This can apply to many things.
  5. Always give. Give any amount. Give to whom or what you’d like. Just give. It’s called the LAW of sowing and reaping for a reason. If you only take, then, you’ll reap nothing.

In this article, I’m speaking about finance$, but this applies to everything in life. Stewarding, prioritizing, giving, investing, commitments, etc apply to many things in life. This concept can be translated across the board.

I hope this helps you. If any questions arise after reading this, please feel free to comment below or PM. I seek to bring clarity and freedom, so if confusion ensues, just ask and I’d be happy to discuss.

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