Journey Prep

I am so excited and honored that you have chosen to join me on this journey of exploring, discovering, and experiencing God, the one who is Love.  Hopefully, you’re as excited as I am.

This book is written as an interactive Bible Study because this isn’t only about my journey but yours.  I love sharing what I’ve learned and experienced with God and lead others into experiencing Him too.  The journey won’t be as fun if I’m the only one finding treasure.  Trust me; I’m waiting for the day I get to hear all about the discoveries you found that I may have missed.  Or maybe, you experience something different than I did with those discoveries.  I’d love to hear about that as well.  I’ll be waiting for your email.

I will be your tour guide, but please know that we aren’t alone.  Jesus is with us on this journey, and He is the one guiding the way.  So, know that if you have any questions or doubts, you can ask Him for direction.  He’s a great leader and will always guide you along the way.  The key is to spend enough time exploring to make discoveries that lead you to enjoy the treasures you find.

This journey is quite a commitment.  We have 3 trails and 12 miles to get through to complete.  I’m so excited that you are courageous enough to be a pioneer with me.  Here is an outline of what to expect:

Trail #1:  Agape Trail

This trail winds us through 5 aspects of God’s nature.  The attributes we find along this trail go beyond what God does and focuses on who God is.  Keep in mind that these 5 miles do not contain every attribute of God’s nature.  They are 5 foundational aspects to start us on our journey.    

Trail #2:  Diamond Trail

This trail leads us down 4 miles of understanding God’s heart for you and humanity.   We will explore God’s original design for humanity and learn how to live according to that design.

Trail #3:  Disciple Trail

These last 3 miles of our journey take us through stories in Scripture that reveal how to identify a follower of Jesus. Finally, you’ll finish off the last mile with an interactive experience drawing you into an encounter with Love.  See Him, hear Him, feel Him.

Each mile is loaded with thought-provoking stories, information, and Scripture.  To help us get the most out of each one, I have created phases that will help us stay focused.

Phase #1:  Explore

During this phase, I will share stories, lessons, teachings, and questions with you to lead you deeper into the topic we are covering.  Be prepared to be challenged, think, and explore aspects of God you may have never spent much time on before.  Every aspect of God deserves significant thought and admiration.

Phase #2:  Discover

This phase of the journey has two sections.

Section #1:  We dive into Scripture because there is always an abundance of treasure to be found. 

All the Scriptures are included directly in the book. Feel free to highlight, underline, and write notes.  Unless otherwise indicated, we will be reading from The Passion Translation. 

It may be tempting to skip the Scriptures, especially if you have been Christian for a while and feel you know that passage well, but I highly encourage that you take the time to read through the passages.  I wholeheartedly believe that you will find life within the Scriptures as you read them while we are on this journey together.  They are all Holy Spirit-inspired and are the foundation of the teaching I offer.

Throughout my years studying Scripture and learning from academics and theologians, I have realized that the titles, chapters, and verses in the Bible placed by publishers have hindered me from grasping the fullness of some passages.   Therefore, I have removed titles and chapter and verse numbers from the passages we will explore.  Reading without publisher-placed divisions has assisted me in understanding the fullness of the Scriptures, and I believe it will do the same for you.

Section #2:  Enables you to dig deeper and discover treasure by asking questions that draw you into reflection and revelation, resulting in life-producing transformation. 

Phase 3:  Experience

Our last phase also has two sections. 

Section #1:  Prayer.  There is no formula or right and wrong way to talk to God.  You are welcome to pray the prayer I have shared with you or say your own.  The key is to have a conversation with God and ask Him to empower you to live what you have learned.

Section #2:  A worship song that goes along with the lesson.  I absolutely love worship.  My favorite kind tends to be a prayer in song.  If you have the printed or electronic book, the song’s title, a link, and a QR code are provided.  If you have an audiobook, you can find the songs on my YouTube channel.  Here is a link and QR Code for my YouTube Channel:

Pairing worship with prayer and meditation time will enhance the experience.  If you happen to read this book in the morning before getting ready for work, the worship song is excellent to listen to while getting ready or driving into work.  The journey doesn’t have to end when you put down the book.  It’s something you can experience throughout your day.

So, now that you know what to expect, it’s time to get going, but before we do, I’d like to pray with you.

Jesus, we are grateful to have You as our leader on this journey.  I pray for my fellow pioneer who has committed to embark on this journey of exploring, discovering, and experiencing who You are.  Along the way, we may find distractions and obstacles, but I pray Holy Spirit empowers us to keep moving forward so that we may come to know You more intimately.

God, may Your Spirit breathe life into every word in this book, and may Your love flow through these pages and into the heart of this pioneer.  May they come to know You more intimately.  I pray that by the end of this journey, they can say they know You, the one who is Love.  As they explore who You are, they may be drawn by Your goodness and experience transformation each day.  In Jesus’ beautiful name. Amen.

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