A Happy Marriage is Possible

A Happy Marriage is Possible

It’s our wedding celebration day anniversary.

Some would say it’s not possible to have a marriage like ours, but being a part of this relationship, I’m happy to give hope to others and say – it is possible!!

We not only live together, but basically work together since we both work from home. We are home together every day, all day. And you know what? We still like each other 😂 . We have our own ventures and activities, but it’s not to escape one another. We recognize that we each have callings and encourage each other to pursue them.

I can honestly say that in our 5 years together we have “fought” maybe 5 times or so. Sure, we bicker. We definitely disagree at times, but fighting isn’t something we do. I know, I know. It’s impossible. We must be lying or someone must be unhappy. Nope. Not the case.

We are both very opinionated and vocal people. Anyone who knows us can attest to that. 😂 We are that way, even with each other. But, we don’t let our differences divide us. Our goal is always understanding, not agreement. I don’t want to see him upset and he doesn’t want to see me upset, so when one of us is, instead of turning on each other, we talk. We don’t yell. We don’t demand. We don’t intimidate or insist on being right. We talk it out so we understand where the other person is coming from. Basically, we love each other like Jesus. Well, we try anyway.

So, to all my friends out there, married and single, know this: it’s possible to have a happy, peaceful, and joyful marriage where fighting doesn’t have to be a staple in the relationship. Know that fighting isn’t a sign of passion. I’m super passionate about my husband because he’s my favorite human EVER!! But I have no desire to fight with him. Always remember that you are a team. You are the nucleus of the family and it’s worth investing in. Respect, honor, “submission”, and love is a two way street.

Just as the husband should love the way Jesus loves the church, the wife should love the husband that way too. And just as the wife should submit to the husband, the husband also submits. Anyone with a fulfilling marriage where both are happy will tell you how true this is. Love is not just for the husband and submission is not just for the wife. I do, however, believe in roles between husband and wife, mother and father. It’s not that one can or can’t do something. It’s about living the way God designed – it’ll always work better that way.

So, to conclude. A happy fulfilling marriage is possible. Don’t believe the lie that marriage sucks. Yes, it can be hard in some ways, but if marriage is the hardest thing in your life, you’re looking at it wrong. I’m happy to answer questions or pray for you. So, always feel welcome to send me a message. I can’t promise I’ll answer right away, but I will answer – and I definitely will always pray.


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