Book Update

Summer did not go as I expected when it comes to my book, but I’m okay with that. Sometimes slowing down to think through everything produces better results. It gives you time to re-center and be proactive, instead of rushing through things and making rash or uninformed decisions. Many times we are just going through the motions and lose intentionality behind the things we do, causing us to settle and head down a road we shouldn’t go down.

I’m excited to say that the book cover is being worked on. Editing is in its final stages. And then the book gets sent for formatting and the audiobook recording begins.

Some changes have been made that, I believe, will improve the book. I’ll wait to announce those things.

The book will be available through Amazon, my website, and a few other ebook apps. I’m looking into some other book stores, but will announce those when we begin announcing the launch date.

I’ve got my second win. Praise Jesus for looking out for me and sending help my way!!! This thing is happening. Getting a book out there is definitely a team effort. I’m a lucky gal to have so much support and encouragement.

Thank you all.
Andrea 💕

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