Mornings of Peace

6 years ago my life was riddled with chaos, disappointment, and bitterness. I was lost and confused.

5 years ago (about), I moved to Florida and started a habit of reading while drinking my coffee early in the morning. My evenings were spent on the beach reading while my daughters played freely. In those days I learned to rest and enjoy life – in peace.

4 months after moving to Florida, God (Love) met me on my kitchen while I was cooking breakfast. He covered me in His blanket of love and allowed me to hear all the prayers that were spoken in my behalf. That moment changed my life and set me on a journey of discovering who Love is.

3 years ago Mike and I started having people over our house to simply worship. It’s now a ministry called Jesus House.

2 years ago we began Be Love Go Academy. A school designed to draw people into the knowing of God with a focus on becoming who He has designed us to be, to love as He loves, and to share it with others.

1 year ago I finished up my ebook and the adventure of writing a book began.

One thing that has never changed throughout all these years is the habit of waking up early and reading while I have my coffee. The stillness of the morning draws my heart to rest in my Father, my Dad.

Over the years there have been hardships, which included some heartbreaking events, but through it all it was my time spent with God in the mornings that have allowed me to have strength. Most of the time I’m reading something. Sometimes I write. Other times I pray and worship. At times, I just sit in silence. But, what makes it special is that it’s all with Him.

There are moments that Jesus takes my hand and shows me something or speaks to me – those times there is never a dry eye.

My friend, maybe you aren’t an early bird, like me. That’s okay. You don’t have to get up early to spend time with God. But, I do encourage you take moments to just sit with Him. It doesn’t have to be a super spiritual thing (like many envision). It’s about your heart. It’s about spending quality time with God. It can even be while doing something you enjoy. Maybe like going for a drive or a walk. The important thing is that your heart is directed at Him and it’s one-on-one time. Hopefully that makes sense.

Spending time with HIM produces peace, joy, and love. He gives you strength when you are weak: Joy when you’re in mourning; Love when fear tries to rear its ugly head. He comforts you when you are sad; encourages you when things get heart; and leads you to the riverbank when things are dry.

Everything you need right now is in Him. He knows you better than you know yourself. Rest in Him. Spend time with Him. Get to know Him better and allow Him to search every bit of you. His love will change your life. It changed mine almost 5 years ago and I haven’t stopped changing ever since.

He is a miracle worker.

Peace where there is chaos
Joy that makes no sense to the human mind
Love that drives out the ugly monster called fear.

That’s what I get when I spend time with Him in the stillness of the mornings.

Make a date with God. You’ll be amazed how Love can change your life.

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