The Next 40 Years

Whether I pray, worship, study the Bible, learn more about something, write, or read a book, my days start with me spending time with God. The stillness of the early morning with the sounds of nature awakening brings a peace to my souls that’s hard to describe.

I’m taking the entire month of July to re-align, re-set, re-focus, re-new, and re-fresh my entire being. I will celebrate my 40th year of life and I’m resting in the knowing that my next 40 years will be better than my first.

I do not despise the struggles of my first 40 years or the people that contributed to it. I’m grateful for the experience and wisdom that God gave me as I went through it all. The first 40 is the launching pad that set me into the next 40.

The last 5ish years have been a transitional stage of life for me. It’s been a preparation into the next phase of my life. The past is behind me. I’m grateful for it, but I’m also done with it.

A few weeks ago, a person I don’t even know said “I feel that there has been a lot of pain in your past. Betrayal and backstabbing. But I hear God saying it’s now behind you. Don’t look back anymore. He’s got your back.”

So, I’m letting go (working on it at least). Sometimes there’s comfort in what we know. But I want to spend my time in the present as I move into my future, more than I want to spend my time in the past. I’m done with it. Over i!

My past doesn’t define me. Jesus defines me. Sure. I wouldn’t be who I am without it and I’m grateful for that, but I’m done with the negative stuff from my past tormenting me. I’m done giving ears to people who define me by my past. I’m done with the crippling effects of fear. For years I’ve allowed people to shut down my voice and filter my message. No more!!!

I’m boldly stepping into my next 40 and fearlessly taking the next step because I am confident that it’s the step God wants me to go. Honestly, it feels lonely, but the truth is I’m not alone. It’s scary, but the truth is I have nothing to fear when I follow the path God has set before me. It’s uncomfortable, but the truth is I’m always safe when I walk with God.

It’s the truth I want to live in. It’s the truth I’m after. The desire to be right died a few years ago. I’m not afraid to take risks or to question things that seem obvious. Once you’ve realized you were indoctrinated most of your life and recognize that what you know of Jesus (in the Bible) doesn’t match the fruit of what you’ve been told to believe, you pursue Jesus! You become unafraid of challenging the status quo because Jesus, who He really is, is so much better than a set of bullet points turned into rules.

Jesus is life.
Jesus is freedom.
Jesus is righteous.
Jesus is joy.
Jesus is peace.
Jesus is King.
Jesus is love.

That’s my Jesus. I invite you on a journey of exploring, discovering, and experiencing God. It’s the journey of a lifetime. It’s in the journey, not the destination, that we truly discover the heart of the Father.

God has a beautiful heart. His heart is for you, not against you. His heart longs for you. He desires good things for you. Draw near to Him. You’ll quickly discover, that He’s right there. No need to go far. Enjoy Him. He is everything!

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