Ephesians – Not Written to Ephesus?

Did you know?

I’m studying the book of Ephesians and learned something.

In chapter 1, verse 1, our English translations read something like “to all the saints in Ephesus,” but

did you know that Ephesus is not in any of the early manuscripts?

In some of the earlier ones, Ephesus is written in the margin.

Scholars believe that the letter was a circular letter meant to be delivered to multiple churches. The common belief is that the letter was originally sent to the church of Laodiceia.

With the book called Ephesians and most translations having Ephesus mentioned in the first verse, we automatically assume (with confidence) that the letter was written to Ephesus. But, that’s not quite accurate.

Why does it matter?
To truly understand context, knowing the author, the audience, and their relationship is important in understanding the intent and heart behind the message.

So, now I need to go back and read the letter with fresh eyes taking my discovery into consideration.

Will it change something? I have no idea. But, that’s the fun in the journey.

Have you read Ephesians in one sitting? I encourage you do. It’s a great “Kingdom-minded” book. Read it without stopping at chapter or verse breaks. Read it like a letter – the way it was intended.

Let me know what you think.

Much love,
Andrea 💕

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