Weekend Shut Down

Homemade capuccino in bed on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Between work, my book, my family, and home, it’s been a busy season. This week begins the last week of the fiscal year at work and it’s going to be an uber busy week, especially as we prepare for the office being closed for holiday.

So, I intentionally decided to shut my brain off this weekend, just be present, and not “think” about anything after this weekend – even the things I’m looking forward to.

I’ve been going to physical therapy for the last 3 months and I noticed that when I’m there my heart rate tends to go down and my stress levels are lower. I know this because of my watch. There are times at therapy I experience lots of discomfort, yet my body isn’t experiencing stress. It got me wondering why I’m so calm when I’m at therapy. And, I figured it out.

When I’m at therapy, my phone stays in my car, work stays at home, and everyone needs to wait until I’m done. I’m completely present in the moment as I focus on each stretch and exercise. The last 10 minutes, I sit with ice on my shoulder as I watch fishes swimming.

I realized that I’m always building. If I’m not doing something, I’m thinking about doing something. The future is always on my mind. My presence isn’t completely in the present because my mind is in the future , which means my heart isn’t fully invested with where I am in the moment. That increases my stress levels because my heart feels the anxiety of the things that aren’t yet done, so that I can arrive at the future that is running through my mind.

Wow! Sounds exhausting. I know. But, for me, it’s just how I’m built. However, just like a computer needs to be shut down periodically to run properly, I need some down time.

Vacation is coming very soon, but until then, I forced myself to shut down this weekend. My body can feel it and a lesson has been learned; Unapologetically shut down every once in a while. I don’t always have to be “on.”

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