Love, The More Excellent Way

💯 agree. It’s important to properly interpret what we see, feel, and know (through impression). We must run it through God’s heart. In other words, we must know God and a great start is Scripture.

While everything isn’t in the Bible, the Bible does show us who God is – His nature.

We cannot always take what we “see” at face value. Sometimes it it’s our own inner man (soul) that is seeing something based on perception and not reality.

Years ago at a meeting, God said to me “I’m releasing the prophetic in you, but not now. Your heart isn’t ready. There can be no judgement when I show you what I do.”

I’ve learned that it’s not my place to judge when God shows me something, but it is my responsibility to usher in the heart of God in that place, situation, or person. As someone who has a prophetic gift, I can say that I’m glad that God didn’t release it fully before I was ready. I don’t believe i have the full breathe of this gift yet, and I’m glad because I find myself having to pull myself from judgement ALL THE TIME.

I have no idea if this makes sense to any of you. But, I guess what I want to share is that it’s important to properly interpret what we see, hear, and feel. It’s also important that we steward the message appropriately. And lastly, any message delivered must be done in love. Or else, it’s a clanging cymbal.

Love, the more excellent way.

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