What do you think of Doctrine?

The word DOCTRINE:

For some reason, I really dislike the word “doctrine.” In essence, there’s nothing ugly about the word and I understand its application within the church system, but there’s something that irks me about it.

I’ve been sitting, praying, and pondering about it and realized that the word “doctrine”, hasn’t been a part of my relationship with God since my encounter with God. Doctrine isn’t something I pursue or study. Doctrine is a line to tow and rules to follow. Deviation from a doctrine generally means you’re weird, odd, or unacceptable. If you fall outside a doctrine, it causes people to feel like “I don’t belong here because I don’t think the same as everyone else.”

Now, this is completely my own personal perception of the word doctrine. I’m curious to learn how others feel about it.

When I study the Bible, pray, journal, soak, worship, etc, I’m not really worried about doctrine. I’m looking for God. I’m seeking to learn more about who He is and bask in His presence so that I can know Him better and become who He has created me to be. I guess that’s why my last question to everything becomes “What does God say about it?”

I just don’t think we can limit God into a set of doctrinal statements. He’s so much bigger.
So, what do y’all think? I’m processing this concept and am curious.

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