Journey with God

This journey I’m on isn’t just any journey.

God, Himself, is the tour guide that draw me closer to God. Funny how that works huh?

It’s one of those Heavenly things that can’t be naturally understood.

I have found the best way to get to God is with Him. This is where the trinity comes in. Each person of the trinity assists me along the journey and they all lead me to the Father.

Your journey to God is a beautiful one. I know that it’s not without bumps and bruises, obstacles and detours, but it’s also filled with unforgettable God moments. Invite God to be your tour guide. It won’t remove every tough aspect of the journey, but He knows how to make the experience smoother. Plus, any moment, even a tough one, with God is better that a moment without Him.

Who’s on this journey too?

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