Jesus Standards

I don’t have high standards for myself. I have Jesus standards.

The beautiful thing about forgiveness and redemption is that when I fall short, there is no condemnation. There is a call to learn; to grow; to mature into the image of God. I was created to bear His image and reflect who He is.

This is why I have Jesus standards for myself. It is my destiny to carry His image on Earth. Although I know I won’t always measure up, I will not be satisfied if I’m not walking as I was designed to walk.

I was designed to be whole and live the Jesus-promised life of wholeness, peace, joy, and love.

Guess what? There’s good news!

I’m not the only one created in the image of God. You were too.

Friend, it’s the glorious reality of God’s heart; To live in you because you were created as a dwelling place for God to inhabit the Earth.

Don’t be condemned if you don’t see yourself in His image. Don’t feel ashamed, defeated, or a failure.

See the joy in transformation and growth. See the beauty of experiencing His grace in your life. See the glory in the power of His presence.

You were and are so loved that you were created in the very image of your Creator – the Creator of the entire universe.

It’s a glorious reality. It is good news!

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