Bible Study

My happy place – research.
Learning is my jam.
There’s always more to learn.
It’s part of transformation.

I invite Holy Spirit into my learning.
Trusting He guides me.
Knowing He is the best teacher.
Believing He is revealing Jesus.

That’s how learning becomes not just about the mind, but the heart as well.
It’s how studying goes from something we learn to someone we become.
The objective of the Scriptures is to reveal God; to know who He is.

Intimacy is forged through relationship. Relationship comes from the knowing. The more we know Him, the stronger our relationship becomes, and the intimacy blossoms because when we know Him, we trust Him. We become unafraid to reveal all ourselves to Him; inviting Him into every area of our lives and who we are.

That’s why I study. That’s why I love theology. That’s why I love to learn. It has ALWAYS let me closer to God. I become deeper in love with Him.

Do you have this experience in reading the Bible? Comment below.

I’d truly like to know your experience with this. There is no right or wrong answer. You can private message me if you don’t want to share publicly.

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