Fear is an Illusion

Fear – it’s an ugly monster.

It has the power to stop us in our tracks, paralyze us, and prevent us from moving forward.

Fear rears it’s ugly head through people, situations, and our thoughts causing stress, anxiety, and depression leading us to make limited or poor decisions.

With its dark gloomy and shadowy appearance, booming voice, and large talons, it hovers over, clouding us from seeing the light.

But my dear friends, it’s just a mist. With one wave of a hand, one whisper of a word, or a small glimmer of hope, fear dissipates and loses its overwhelming grandiose appearance.

Fear is like the wizard from The Wizard of Oz – an illusion. It presents itself as a big scary monster with an intimidating voice, but really it’s just lies – and lies are easy to defeat. There is a truth to EVERY lie.

Expose the lie, stab it with the truth, and watch fear run for the hills.

Fear is terrified of Jesus. The only weapon it has is lies. Its goal is to get you to believe lies about God, yourself, and others. It’s the only way it can keep up its overwhelmingly dark appearance. But when the Truth comes riding in on its white horse, the veil is pulled away, the illusion is exposed, and darkness flees.

Jesus rescued you from this villain; from the ugly monster called fear. There’s nothing to be afraid of. In Jesus, it’s just as afraid you and it is of Jesus. That’s why it can only disguise itself through lies. Once you have the truth, it runs!!!

Fear is an illusion built on lies. Ask God to expose the lie and reveal the truth. Then watch fear’s tiny behind run away from you like a mouse running from a cat.

I pray the light of Truth shine so bright in your life that any shadow of fear dissipates removing the illusion of its power.

Here’s a clip from the scene in The Wizard of Oz when the wizard’s illusion is unveiled and they realize it was all a bunch of lies. ==> https://youtu.be/-RQxD4Ff7dY

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  1. I foolishly tried to combat fears lies with more lies to get it to go away. Then distraction. The only way to combat fear is the Truth of Christ

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