Heal Trauma Triggers

Do you know what I’m talking about?
Don’t triggers from trauma suck?

If you’re like me, you know they do. Sometimes they happen when you least expect it. They seem to come out of nowhere and surprise you. By the time you realize what’s happening, the damage is done.

If you know what I’m talking about, then I have GREAT news for you.

Trauma triggers no longer need to take over. Not only can control them (even when they come by surprise), but you can heal the trauma memory. No longer does trauma need to rule your life.


In prayer, with Jesus,
🧠 Revisit the memory
🙏🏼 ask for healing
❤️‍🩹ask for Holy Spirit to reveal the lie that memory introduced into your life; about God, yourself, or others
❤️‍🔥ask for the truth that replaces that lie
💝Allow the truth to wash over you

Then intentionally spend about 6 minutes every day
💝meditating on the truth the Holy Spirit shared with you
❤️‍🔥Imagining the light and love of God shining into that memory
💞rest in the love of God in your life

Eventually, you’ll notice that memory no longer brings you pain. Instead, you notice the red thread of God’s love woven through every moment of that situation. You were never alone, never unloved, never forgotten.

You were loved, appreciated, and adored by Love himself.

For some, it’ll take a few days. For others months. No matter how long, it’s time with the Lord that you will never regret.

That trauma doesn’t have to torment you for the rest of your life. God can heal it. Will you let Him?



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