Believe Your Own Advice

Have you ever given advice to others you can’t follow yourself?

It’s quite common and demonstrates that you know, in your natural thinking, what the wise thing to do is. That’s because you are made in the image and likeness of God.

But I have learned something that can help you live what you know.

What may be tripping you up is that you don’t truly believe what you are saying. 😳

We have no issue living what we believe. Our spirit life drives our natural life. 💯

So, when we know something, but don’t do it, it’s because we don’t understand, and not understanding causes unbelief.

You can’t force yourself to believe. If willpower is used to believe, it’s not true belief.

Repeating Bible verses you don’t believe over and over again isn’t renewing your mind. It’s a self-help technique that are called affirmations. Affirmations are great if we believe them, but if we don’t, they are empty words. We are just deceiving ourselves and masking our unbelief by doing something our natural minds can understand.

So, how do you believe?

Step #1: find the lie
Step #2: replace the lie with the truth
Step #3 Meditate on the Truth.

Along with:

❤️ Talk (pray) to God about it.
❤️ Listen to what He has to say.
❤️ Let Him love you.

Should you stop giving advice you don’t follow, especially if you may have just realized you don’t believe it?

No!!! Good advice is always good advice.
Just start listening to it yourself 💕

I’ve certainly been here. Have you?

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