You Have Questions, I’ll Get Answers

Onto my next book. This is one that was not on my shelf, but my friend Chani told me about and I felt it was a MUST read.

My first book is far from being published, but I’m already itching to get started on the next. Every day I wake up with ideas for The Journey, so I’m capturing them all and work on what I can now.

My second book “Leading in Love” is going to be THE book. It’s the one my heart skips a beat for because it’s my life’s message. The Journey contains foundational aspects to Leading in Love.

The book in the picture is what I would call a research book. It’s written by a doctor, a bit technical, in-depth, and provides scientific information. Exactly the kind of stuff I love to learn. It fascinates me.

But most people don’t like that kind of stuff. They just want to know the “jest” of it. That’s where I come in.

At work, I’m known as the translator. Not because I speak Portuguese and Spanish (well, I guess that too), but because I can take any subject, learn it, and teach it to anyone. I can translate technical concepts into layman terms.

That’s what you can expect from my books.

I’m direct, to the point, and simple. I have questions and I get answers. I test them out and find what works.

You have question, I share the answers. You get to skip the testing phase and get what you need.

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