Jesus Conquered Sin

“When Eve and Adam took a bit of the fruit, sin entered the world, not humanity.“

This truth has HUGE implications to our belief system.

To believe in original sin is to believe in a lifetime of captivity to it because with the concept of original sin, Jesus is incapable to removing it. Even if you surrender your life to Jesus as Lord, you will still sin and have an itch to sin simply because you are human.


Jesus conquered sin and death. When we surrender to Him as Lord, we step into His covenant; where sin and death are conquered. We step into the Kingdom of God where we are seated in Heavenly places with Jesus. Sin cannot abide in that place.

Luther once likened salvation to “snow covered dung.” I disagree.

I liken us to diamonds. We are born in the image and likeness of our Creator. When we come to Jesus we are diamonds in the rough. Jesus cleans us up so that we can shine and refelect the image of our Father.

Which belief offers Good News, Hope, Peace, Love, Joy, and righteousness? Which expresses the Kingship of Jesus and fulfills His work through His death, resurrection, and ascension?

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The truth sets us free indeed!

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