There’s Audio, too.

Good morning and happy Friday pioneers!

I’ve been at work getting Beta Team ready to go on a 21 Day Journey with me. Our journey begins Sunday and I’m both excited and nervous.

This is a picture of me in my “studio” (aka closet). My brother, Eddy, is an extremely talented sound engineer. He lives in Nashville and does work for people like Eric Thomas. Mike bought me a fancy microphone system to record podcasts and stuff a while back and I’m putting it to good use.

Beta Team not only will have my manuscript to read, but will have an audio version as well. This will allow me to “practice” for when I head to Nashville and record in my brother’s studio.

Continue to pray for me and the entire team that is helping me. There are so many people involved in helping bring this baby to life. The messenger life is definitely not a solo journey. Grateful I found my tribe.

Grateful for my Unlocking Your Book family. We haven’t even started the heavy lifting yet, but I couldn’t have done it without you.

Until the book is out, this is the place to join me because right here, on my website, we are on a journey.

If you’re on this journey with me, can you let me know by leaving a comment? I’d love to get to know you.


    • So glad you’re here. There are quite a few posts and devotionals on the site that is a part of The Journey. Check it out! xoxo


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