Plug People into Jesus

Our testimony must lead people to meet Jesus for themselves. There is power in personal relationship. So many worry about “plugging” people into church, but fail to realize the power source isn’t the church. It’s Jesus. It was, is, and will always be Jesus. Each member of the body must run off of Jesus Himself.

Gathering with other saints is crucial for living a healthy Christian life, but that does not replace a personal relationship with Jesus. Our meetings should point to seeking Jesus, not coming to the next meeting to get more.

If you go to church to “fellowship” but don’t desire to see your brothers and sisters outside the church setting, just how much “fellowshipping” are you really doing?

We are a body. Jesus is the head. He has all the power. Whatever I have to give comes from Him, so I want all to be able to receive straight from my source. My power is limited, but His is endless. Let everyone experience Jesus for themselves. Teach them how to do that. That’s our job as disciples of Christ.

Speak life (Jesus) into people, one on one. Group settings are great and there is beauty in lots of people in one place. But the magic happens on a personal level. Receiving is great, but if we are mature believers we should be pouring into people. Ideally, pouring into those who need to be fed, not only those we know will agree with us.

The Samaritan woman was a great evangelist. She testified and then took them to Jesus and through HIS teaching they were convinced…not her words, but His words did that. There’s power in this story!

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