Deliverance through Teaching

Most deliverance, if not all, requires renewing of the mind.

Even if a demon is cast out, if renewing of the mind doesn’t happen, it’s possible a demon reattaches because it’s an alignment that allows the demon access.

Some times it’s not demons that are the problem; it’s our minds. It’s what we believe and think that influences,ruins our lives, and effects our behavior. We often blame demons when it’s us.

While we believe in praying over people and cast out demons, we believe in the power of teaching. Over the last 2-3 years, we have seen more delieverance that leads to transformed lives through teaching than a moment of casting out a demon and allowing them to put on a show.

Demons are real and demonic influence is very real. Mike and I have simply walked by people and had demons manifest and talk to us through them. We know how real they are and we also know that casting out demons is an important part in the life of a believer.

However, to neglect the renewing and healing of the mind and heart after a prayer is careless and dangerous. If at all possible, walk with the person and take the time to teach and lead to truth with the aim to remove the beliefs that allowed a demon to attach and influence.

Demonic deliverance is just the start. Love the person enough to follow through and lead them into walking a life of freedom.

Casting out demons is not about demonstrating power. It’s about demonstrating the love of God that leads to repentance and a transformed life.

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