Not a Good Luck Charm


The name of Jesus is not a good luck charm that is used to get you what you want. In Hebrew, names are very significant which is demonstrated in the Bible when God changed names. The “name” of Jesus represents the being or person of Jesus. That’s what makes the name of Jesus powerful. It’s the person of Jesus. It’s not just saying the words “in the name of Jesus” that holds the power. It’s when we represent Jesus and come in His name; it’s when Jesus is brought into a situation or place that makes the difference. Anyone can say “in the name of Jesus” but it’s not everyone that experiences the power that comes from the lovely and beautiful name of Jesus.

Jesus, the name above all names = Jesus, the being above all beings!!!

Jesus, what a beautiful name (being) He is. Jesus what a wonderful name (being) He is. Jesus, what a powerful name (being) He is.

He’s not just a name. Jesus is a being. The most supreme being. He is the being above all beings.

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