Where to Start

I’m not selling makeup. Trust me, I’m almost 40 and am just now learning how to use it. You don’t need me pretending I know what I’m doing to sell you something.

I’m sharing with you reality. Most of the pictures we post are the bottom two pics. We tend to show people what we want them to see. It’s not all bad because we want people to see the best of ourselves. But, the truth is no one starts off with the best of themselves. There’s a starting place and Journey that I believe we need to start sharing more.

Why? Because if people only see the end result, they start to believe that’s where they should be or where they should begin, and that’s just not true.

Where you are now is a great place to start. Actually, it’s where you should start. Focus on taking that first step that gets you closer to where you want to be. Don’t forsake the small beginnings and the humble starts. It’s truly where the magic happens. If we do it right, it’s where most of the transformation happens.

What’s the first step you need to take to get you to where you want to go?

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