Day 11 Devo – Live it

Have you ever read the entire Bible?

I have. There were days when I was complying with my reading plan and I got something out of it. But, let me be honest. Most days I couldn’t retain what I was reading or even understand what was happening, especially in the Old Testament.

I now realize the Bible wasn’t written to be read as a novel. It has many authors, with many writing styles. And, it wasn’t written to me. Reading some parts of the Bible without understanding the context, which includes history, the culture of the time, and writing style, can be difficult to truly understand why we should read it, and more importantly, how to live it out.

The Bible is for us to learn and understand the nature of God so that we can reflect Him on Earth. Reading through it like a novel where we are focused on the characters and the “rules”, will not lead us to understanding God. We must focus on what God was doing; what was His heart’s desire?

In my own life, I’ve come to learn that it’s better to read one verse a day for weeks, meditate on it, and become it so I live it than read 3 books in the Bible just to say I read it.

When the Word transforms you, you reflect Him better. Isn’t that the goal? Reflecting God. That’s why Jesus came; to reveal the Father. We, too, are called to reveal the Father.

How do we do that?

Read the word, become the word, so we do the word. When our doing comes from our being, you’ll find that you love living a life of righteousness.

Do you need help finding something to read in the Bible to help you live this out?

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