Day 6 Devo – Define Love

Love. A four letter word that carries immense power, depth, and mystery. It’s an emotion and a decision. It’s a noun and a verb.

Love transcends dimensions and is eternal.

Love. A simple common word, but it’s true nature is misunderstood. While the dictionary defines love as a deep affection for (someone), I had an encounter with Love that revealed to me the true definition.

God is love and love is God. Therefore, if we want to know what love is and what it looks like, we can look to God. Instead of starting off defining love and then applying it to God, let’s look to who God is to define love.

God is love, therefore, He defines love. Not the other way around.

Love cannot be described in a few words or even a few sentences. Its complexity is what makes it divinely beautiful. Love’s intricacy craves wisdom because only those with God’s heart can maneuver through this life in love.

Defining love is not an easy task. Knowing what it looks like in demonstration as we journey through life on Earth is a desire that should burn in our souls because to demonstrate love is to demonstrate God.

How does one define love? Love = God. We will spend eternity unwrapping the glorious definition of this intrinsically magnificent profound four letter word.

What does love mean to you?

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