This is something I wrote on Facebook today.

When you realize that a friendship has gone distant because of political beliefs or even beliefs on how to respond to covid, it makes you stop and think.

We keep judging people’s hearts saying things like “if you wear a mask you don’t know Jesus” or “if you don’t wear a mask you don’t know Jesus.” I believe that both those statements are being made from a judgmental standpoint and neither are true. I read the other day about how being judgmental comes with a promise – in the Bible. We are judged to the degree we judge. It’s one thing to judge actions, but another thing to judge hearts.

If my political opinion alters how you view me, then a judgement is being made about my heart. Same goes for mask wearing.

I have not unfriended anyone I disagree with on these kind of things, nor do I judge those I know and think believe differently. But, I’ll be honest. If you can’t handle it and your opinion of me has changed bc of my opinions on these things, I’d rather you click the unfriend button.

Living life vulnerably and authentically is important to me, so if you are just here to watch and to judge – shaking your head at what I’m posting – sharing with others how I should know better because “Jesus wouldn’t do that”, I’d rather you tell me to my face or just step away completely so that you aren’t put in a position to gossip and betray. What Jesus wouldn’t do is gossip and criticize others to other people.

Why did I write this?

The level of judgmental posts coming from christians on both sides is heart breaking.
I read things sometimes that cause me to think “wow, this person must hate me if they feel this way.”

This week I learned how important our words are. I’ve always known but witnessed how careless words can be said that don’t truly reflect our motives and heart. It’s important that we use our words wisely because there is life and death in them.

You know what Jesus would do? Choose life! While our physical is important to Him, that’s not the “life” Jesus gives. Jesus gives abundant life filled with peace, joy, hope, and love. Sometimes our words, my words, steal, kill, and destroy that kind of life on others. It’s serious and this year I’m going to be more intentional with my words.

Equip. Empower. In Truth. In Love.

Truth is vital to speaking in love, but I must remember that some things aren’t truth, their my opinion. There’s a difference. I’m not called to share my opinion. I’m called to share truth.

Will you join me on this journey in 2021 to be less judgmental and share truth in love while using wisdom in my words to bring life?

This year doesn’t have to be horrible. It can be our best year yet!

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