Lead Like Jesus: 11/12

If we lead 12 people to Christ, lead them through repentance, baptize them, and lead them to being filled with the Holy Spirit, but out of those 12, 11 fall away, we are doing something wrong. (on average)

Jesus had 12. Only 1 fell away. I believe that we should being seeing those results; not settle for 1 out of 12.

Your experience may be 1 out of 12, but we don’t align our lives with our experience (only). The truth is Jesus. So, if we are seeing those results, then we must be willing to assess where we can improve to bring our results up to match those of Jesus. Jesus is the best leader to ever exist.

People don’t only need to be led to Christ. They don’t only need to repent. They don’t only need to be baptized. They also need to live life with more mature disciples who are willing to disciple them. They also need to renew their minds. The Kingdom of God is not either/or, it’s AND. Do we tell people how much God loves them or do we tell them they need to repent? BOTH.

The Kingdom of God is like a diamond. Beautiful, clear, with many facets. If you remove the facets, the light doesn’t shine off of it as much as it could.

We are called to make disciples, not converts. We are called to reconcile people to the Father (God), not judge them. We are called to preach the Good News, not judgement.

God has infinite wisdom. If Jesus has a success rate of 11/12 then we should to.

Jesus is my King. Jesus is my supreme leader. He is who I emulate. He is my pattern. I’m learning. I’m growing. Let’s learn together.

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