It’s About The Heart

Samuel was looking for the man God chose to be king. He showed up to the right house and although there were men who looked like they could be king, God kept saying “no, that’s not the one.”

David, a bastard child tending sheep, didn’t appear to fit the mold of what people expected a king to look like. He didn’t have the qualities of royalty. He was just a shepherd boy.

While everyone in that room judged David by who they thought he was -a bastard child – and what he did – a shepherd boy – God was looking at the heart. God’s qualifications are different from our qualifications.

David’s brothers may have been better qualified to fit the role of king, according to the standards of men, but God found David to be a better fit.

Again, while in battle David was not fit to fight. His brothers appeared to be more qualified to fight. But God not only knew the lions and bears that David had fought off to protect his sheep, he knew David’s heart and his trust in Him. So when confronted by a giant, those who appeared to be qualified retreated in fear and the one men deemed wasn’t fit for king or battle had the audacity to stand before the giant and challenge him.

Defying all human logic David defeated the giant. While men were surprised, God was not. Why? Because God sees the heart ❤️

God sees our hearts, our motives, and intents. We see actions, behaviors, and hear words, but God sees beyond that.

Always seek after God’s heart and keep your eye on Jesus. Even if you miss the target 🎯 Jesus knows your intent was the bullseye.

In the new covenant it’s all about the heart.

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