Prophetic Word – Shaking Revelation

I’m sharing this again because I had no idea what it was about, but I’m starting to see it. For those who “know, without knowing,” I’m posting this because you will know who you are and this is to give you hope!

This is what I heard on this night when I was awakened.

July 15, 2020 3am

There will be a truth that comes out that will cause people to doubt everything they believe. A truth so huge is soon to be revealed and many will feel duped and it will cause distrust in everything they know; reality will seem confusing.

There are those that have known without knowing. There are those that have stayed faithful to what I have said and what I have led. They have trust, but have been made to feel “crazy” because they did not swim with the current; they did not follow the masses. They were willing to be persecuted for what they knew was good. This truth will bring peace to those who stood for righteousness. The truth will bring clarity in the midst of chaos. The beacons of the Kingdom will be revealed.

This revelation is the “boom.”
The explosion is good. The explosion was sent by Me (God). I caused the light to reveal the darkness that was festering and bringing destruction and death to lives. It was time for it to end. My people cried out and I heard them. I stood and made declarations out of my love for my people.
The boom is the mark of a new beginning. Not everyone will be willing to be a part because the new beginning comes with an end. An end to an old system; an old wineskin. This new beginning will scare many, but it isn’t scaring those whose heart is aligned with mine. Those are the ones that are called to disciple and walk beside the ones who are willing but hadn’t seen it.

This shocking revelation of truth will shake the hearts of some and will strengthen the hearts of others. No matter where you stand, know that I am a good God. Darkness is always overcome with light. My people were so many that the darkness was unable to stay. The prayers and intercession filled My throne and because of their cries, I stood up. So here I stand. I am God. The one true God. The only good God. Evil never prevails. Trust that I am watching over you.

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