Commitment Issues


Over the last four years I have met many people and have gone to many conferences from different “streams”. I love diversity and refuse to idolize men and women of God. So many people have messages from God and it’s important to make sure we are listening to EVERYTHING God is saying. If we only follow people within a certain stream, we may be missing something that God wants us to learn.

I happen to have strong “spiritual/supernatural” giftings, so I tend to gravitate towards people who can feel, see, and hear from the heavens. Meetings with “spiritually sensitive” people can often times get pretty weird – well, If you’re looking in from the outside. But, those who are in it, it’s fun. Those are times where miracles, healings, and visions happen. It’s pretty neat.

However, I’ve noticed a trend and that is a lack of commitment. Now, it’s not just that stream, there’s another stream that is comprised of people who have been extremely hurt by the Church. Keep in mind that I’m generalizing and this doesn’t apply to everyone. I mean, if you read what I just wrote, I consider myself part of one of the streams I’ve mentioned. In the words of Todd White “if the shoe fits, kick it off.”

Conference and church hoppers. It’s an issue going on right now. Again, as mentioned above, I go to tons of conferences and churches – that’s funny actually. But, I do it with intentionality. It’s part of my spiritual growth and expansion. I don’t do it for selfish reasons. What do I mean by that?

I have found that some go from conference to conference or church to church or even school to school to receive. They want to feel. They want to see. They want it all. However, when you take a look deeper, they aren’t actually doing anything outside receiving. They have no commitment to a particular ekklesia or to maybe one that God may want them to lead. Essentially, they have no responsibility. They don’t even take responsibility for their own life. They want others to “impart” their gifts and callings – this is why they go from place to place. The hope is that one day someone “big” will put their hands on them and suddenly they are “blasted” with an incredible anointing and everything magically appears.

Ask anyone who is “big” in the ministry. No one has ever just “suddenly” become anything. It takes disciple, commitment, and sacrifice – many times years of it. It requires work. It requires investment (and I don’t only mean money).

If you can’t commit to anything and just keep going place to place, how can we expect that God would entrust us with something? Can he really trust us? What about if a battle or trial comes, are we gonna jump ship and just decide to go back to conference hopping bc it’s easier to just sit and enjoy – while someone else makes all the commitment and sacrifice?

The Kingdom is a team effort. We all need to put our hands to the plow. There are times in life we need to sit, listen, and learn. I’ve been there. However, it’s for the purpose of service. Not for my enjoyment or entertainment.

I know this post is a bit “in your face.” It, for sure, is very direct and not politically correct in any way. But, it’s time that things become clear and we honor one another by truly being honest instead of sugar coating.

I am making a commitment, moving forward, to be honest. So, if you want to know something, come to me and ask. Tell me you want truth, and I’ll give it to you. That doesn’t mean I’ll be negative or criticize. No, that just means I’ll be honest – and I promise it’ll be done in love, kindness, and gentleness. All for the purpose of lifting you up to be greater.

We all need to check ourselves and make sure we aren’t spiritual gluttons. It’s not the way of the Kingdom. Give!! Love! Go!

The thread is always other-centered love.

I post this with the utmost love for all my brothers and sister in Jesus Christ. Let’s expand the Kingdom together. We can do better. We will do better. In Him, through Him, for Him.

Jesus is King

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