Serve God in Your profession

God created each one of us. He has also called us all to co-labor with Him in expanding the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Those callings, however, are not all the same. While some are called to work in Church leadership, most of us are not. We must all contribute to society so that we can properly take our place as ekklesia. Our contributions will all look different because we are uniquely blessed with talents, gifts, passions, and dreams given by God. In the Kingdom of God, there is no such thing as “secular.” EVERYTHING we do is for Him. – through Him and for Him.

If you have work for a living, do it as unto the Lord. You are making a difference in our culture by being where you are. Do not deem your job as “secular”. Deem it as a divine placement where you can bring Heaven to Earth. Your presence and influence in your place of employment or study changes the atmosphere. Serve God IN your workplace, as well as at home, at church, and anywhere else you frequent. There is no “secular” place in the life of a Jesus follower. It all is for HIM!

Be encouraged. Be the world-changer you are called to be.

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